Scratch Day

Scratch Day

Scratch Day


There were about 120 teams globally and this year in the Limestone Coast we had a collaborative event between Grant High School and Mount Gambier High School. In the 2009 report we stated " There is very good and strong feedback to indicate that we should have at least one event again next year and possibly two, one for newbies and one for experienced. We might need to think about collaborating with another high school to make this happen. The model for the day was very successful and replicable."

The event at MGHS was for he newbies and the event program was virtually the same as the 2009 event.

The GHS event was for more experienced users/schools. The key new skills were around the use of
  • Broadcast
  • Program constructs
  • Variables and randomness

More time was allocated in this event to an open ended challenge which revolved around building something interactive relating to Little Red Riding Hood.

The day for both venues started with a short webcam presentation by Dr Cheryl Pope, a computer science lecturer at Adelaide Uni. She made the point that programming is all about thinking and the sort of thinking that goes into Scratch programming is good training. She made it clear that there are lots of opportunities for people who have developed this sort of thinking.

Dr Stewart Von Itzstein, a computer science lecturer at UniSA spoke to the GHS group in the morning and the MGHS group in the afternoon. He message was similiar. He also talked about what his peers were now doing and the opportunities that computer science had made available to him.

Katie Bell from Google in Sydney did a webcam presentation to both venues in the afternoon. Her message was also similiar. She indicated that Google did not employ people based on the language that they programmed in but rather their capacity to think and problem solve.

Pam Waters from TAFE SA IT spent time at both venues. She spoke highly of the secondary student mentors and the outstanding job that they were doing as part of the event. She organised a USB Flash drive for each of these mentors and requested that they be presented to the mentors at some later appropriate time.

Support for the day

  • Uni SA - Sent Stewart Von Itzstein for the day and provided $500 in prize money
  • ADELAIDE Uni - Dr Cheryl Pope webcammed into the event and provided 10 x $30 Coles Meyer Vouchers
  • TAFE SA Information Technology - Sent Pam Water for the day and provided each secondary mentor student with a memory stick
  • Google - Katie Bell video conference and a range of stickers
Involving industry and further education institutions was an important aspect of the day. It was important to let student see how their learning about Scratch can help them in the future. This was an opportunity for students to learn about career and further learning options.
A huge thankyou to these supporters for their commitment and generosity

Beginners Event competition winners

Wining teams were;

  1. Mount Burr PS
  2. Allendale East AS
  3. McDonald Park PS

Outstanding Mentors

  • Laim
  • Belinda
  • Jake

Mentor or the Mentors

  • - Daena

Advanced Event competition winners

Year6/7 Teams

  1. Team PHP with their entry 'Super Red Flying Hood' from Tenison Woods College
  2. Team Cobol with their entry 'Little red riding hood' from Glenburnie PS
  3. Team C++ with their entry 'final project' from Mulga St PS

Outstanding Mentors

  • Liam McClean
  • Ben Hunt
  • Damian Little

Mentor or the Mentors

  • Reece Trevenen


The same feedback tool was used this year. See the 2009 report.
Similiar results. The primary students left buzzing feeling that they wanted to share what they had learned back at their school. The secondary mentors felt that they had learnt a lot and done a good job. The videos below are worth checking out.

Some videos from the day