This event is for school teams that have been infected by the Scratch Bug
Our event summary on the Scratch Day site

Program for the day

Get to know each other
Introduce guests
Ask a member from each team to introduce their team to the gathering. Talk about their experience with Scratch.
Overview of program for the day
Quick Scratch warm up
Alphabet Game. Add a couple of extra letters to provided game.
Scratch broadcast role play
Role play to demonstrate function of the 'Broadcast' command
Introduce idea of variables, randomness and conditions
adaption of P142 of "Exploring Computer Science" and P164 for conditionals or maybe 'guess my number game' for the lot
Before rest of GHS have recess
Inform canteen to open early
Students to stay near canteen area please
Scratch Competition
Competition scenario will be revealed
Strategies for programming environment team work - ie. can get team members working on assets (graphics and audio) if you have an agreed plan
Before rest of GHS have lunch
Inform canteen to open early
Students to stay near canteen area please
Scratch Competition

Presentations from industry/tertiary education

Strategies for helping others
What makes a good teacher brainstorm - GHS student brainstorm
Talk people through not take over.
Give hints, not answers.
Ask people about the ideas they have already before providing further help.
Competition results announced

Thanks and finish (It would be good to finish a bit later but I am concerned about some schools needing to get their students back)
Feedback - Feedback Form
Should we offer this again next year?

Team Registrations

  • Padthaway Primary School
  • Compton Primary School
  • Tension Woods College
  • Mulga Street Primary School
  • Kongorong Primary School
  • Glenburnie Primary School

GHS student facilitators

  • Reece Trevenen
  • Ben Hunt
  • Liam McLean
  • Joe Tukia
  • Matt Wright
  • Brody McMillan
  • Jack Broad
  • Damian Little
  • Jarrod Sanders
  • Travis Broad