Scratch Day - 2009

Scratch Day page on the Scratch website
Photos from Scratch Day 09

Scratch Day 09 Report
Scratch Day report on Scratch site
Uni SA report
CEGSA Annual Conference presentation (July09)
Virtual Staffroom interview about Scratch Day 09

Program for the day

Get to know each other
Introduce guests
Ask a member from each team to introduce their team to the gathering. Talk about their experience with Scratch, if any.
Overview of program for the day
Scratch Cards (may need longer on this)
One computer and one set of cards per team
Scratch Challenges
Scratch Challenges
Before rest of GHS have recess
Inform canteen to open early
Students to stay near canteen area please
Uploading and sharing projects
Uploading and sharing projects - Limestone Coast Scratchers
Scratch Challenges
Before rest of GHS have lunch
Inform canteen to open early
Students to stay near canteen area please
Scratch Competition
Competition Results
Uni SA talk about courses and how Scratch relates to careers

Google Tech Web Cam, Tim Ansell

Strategies for helping others
What makes a good teacher brainstorm - GHS student brainstorm
Talk people through not take over.
Give hints, not answers.
Ask people about the ideas they have already before providing further help.
Competition results announced

Thanks and finish (It would be good to finish a bit later but I am concerned about some schools needing to get their students back)
Feedback - Feedback Form
Should we offer this again next year?

Event supporters

  • Prizes from
    • TAFE SA provided all students with a 2GB memory stick to take all of the projects and resources from the day back to their school
    • Uni SA provided a total of $500 prize money
    • Google provided some T Shirts, stickers, pens and pads
  • Student Ambassador, Nikki Pallaras, who is doing the Multi-media program at Uni SA. Nikki is also on the ADA Gifted Women’s Scholarship, so she is one of the best and brightest that doing the Uni SA course, as well as being a very vivacious person
  • Google Engineer, Tim Ansell will webcam in for a session on the day to talk to us. Tim grew up in Adelaide.
  • TAFE SA Information Technology, Pam Waters from the Mount Gambier campus will be in attendance

14 teams from the following schools

  • Allendale East Area School
  • Melaleuaca Park K-7 Schools
  • 2 x Mulga Street Primary School
  • Naracoorte South Primary School
  • Glenburnie Primary School
  • Compton PS
  • Reidy Park PS
  • 2 x MacPark PS
  • Suttontown PS
  • Kongorong Primary School
  • Naracoorte Primary

GHS student facilitators

  • Jarrod Sanders
  • Simon Newport
  • Bradley Elliot
  • Michael Cooper
  • Travis Broad
  • Damian Little
  • Zack Oakley
  • Naomi Hill
  • Ronald Reid
  • Samuel Neil
  • Liam McClean
  • Matthew Lavia
  • Reece Trevenen
  • Zane Finnis-Hare
  • Skye Gambell

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