Below are some Scratch tasks that I have built myself and are some things that can be done on your own or with a class. All tasks teach specific skills in Scratch and working through these tasks will build solid skills in the program. As for the teaching method it is important not to do the work for the students but to show them the final product, which I have provided and show students how to do important/hard pieces of code and let them apply it to the individual scenario. I would recommend completing these tasks after or as an extension of the Scratch Cards.

Note: backgrounds and detailed Sprites have not been included in order to keep file sizes down.

Whack A - This is a very simple game to introduce/reinforce some basic skills that have already been taught. It reinforces a scoring system and allows many different skills introduced in the Scratch cards to be applied to a different scenario.

Maze - Another very simple game that enforces key concepts in the Scratch cards and introduces the idea of "broadcasting" that allows different Sprites to respond to certain scenarios without having to duplicate code throughout the different Sprites. It also introduces the idea of hiding and showing Sprites and allowing them to appear at different times.

Bouncy - A more complicated game where the aim is to keep the ball in the air by clicking it. The game is not yet fully complete but is still a good template to get students to start on the project. This introduces the idea of a scoreboard by storing values in a list(Array for programmers). This game also compares variables and combines strings. It is very important to explain these concepts as you encounter them. - A much more complicated game that introduces many new programming elements to students. It is a simple shooting game that keeps score and allows people to die. It introduces broadcasts and different levels and also a basic introduction to lists (arrays). This game keeps students engaged because once they complete the game it is fun for them to play and modify it. As the students are building this program it is a good idea to talk about good video game design. Some things include motivation to play, level design, learning curve, difficulty, story and controls.

8 - This is not a game i made myself but got off the Scratch Website. This is the best demo i could find to demonstrate a scrolling level design that many students would like to know about for their final products.

Keep - This game is an extension of the final Scratch card and presents a fun game that introduces many new Scratch elements. The students really enjoyed playing each others games and competing for the highest scores that are saved. - I used this as an extension task for students that are interested in programming. It is a great introduction to lists and variables and controlling them to do exactly what you want.

Assignment.docx - This is the final assignment I have handed out to students as a guide for their final task. It is important to note that this is only a guide and if they want to vary it and build somthing else substantial this is encouraged.

This page is under construction. Am on my final teaching practicum and will add more as ideas come to me